sand making plant VS river sand

With the rapid development of various sectors of the national economy , especially the rapid development of roads, buildings, bridges, etc. , river sand has been far can not meet the requirements. sand making plant is the use of a hard base material is made by Sand , compared with river sand, which has the following advantages:

① sand making plant using Sand made ​​, compared with natural sand with strong edges , flakiness and more coarse features.

② sand making plant crushing value is generally between 14% to 25%. The maximum value is generally crushed in 2.36mm ~ 4.75mm size fraction , followed by 0.3mm ~ 0.6mm grain size , and finally the 1.18mm ~ 2.36mm.

③ sand making plant more in the region Ⅰ and Ⅱ area , fineness modulus between 2.9 to 3.4 . Usually poor gradation performance intermediate little more than two , and less than 0.075mm 4.75mm larger than the particle content of more than 10%, 2.36mm sieve particles are generally greater than the cumulative 35% .

④ powder containing a large quantity is different from the natural sand sand making plant an important feature , you should sand making plant in the amount of powder containing natural sand and clay content area separately. Natural sand clay content is defined particle size less than 0.075mm, the sticky clay composition, plasticity index is large, stone and cement hydration after crystallization has no binding effect, so the size of the natural sand clay content directly affect the formation of concrete strength. The amount of powder containing sand making plant is less than 0.075mm of finely ground rock powder , inert rock powder and cement hydration reaction can not occur , but it can be well combined with cement crystal stone , from the micro- set internal structure filling effect material . Through the different amount of powder containing sand making plant configure different grade concrete , found when powder containing no more than 20% , so no adverse impact on the setting time and strength development of concrete, but also in the concrete mixture and increase Easy , can pump , strength , etc. have better performance.


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