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The importance of stone aggregate production systems

Aggregate Crusher Plant,Stone aggregate production is the basic raw material of various buildings for water conservation , nuclear power, railway, highway, municipal engineering , quality standards, the production of sufficient quantities of stone aggregate is to ensure the smooth construction of the key factors engineering . Therefore, operation and management of the system is a good stone production and processing engineering construction progress and quality of the project effective protection , good control of operating costs stone production and processing systems costs directly related to the cost of construction projects . Construction companies can produce good quality stone aggregate production and good control of all aspects of production costs is the key to enhance market competitiveness , ensure that the target profit. With the development of social progress, stone production and processing systems to a higher requirement , stone production aggregate production not only to meet the construction schedule and quality requirements , and the whole operation process must meet environmental protection , energy conservation and other requirements term hard targets . This requires that construction companies must shift from the original production model of extensive green energy-saving mode of production, to achieve such a change is necessary to increase the allocation of resources, this will definitely increase the operating costs. However, the current market competition intensifies , the bid price is often lower , and therefore how to control the running costs of stone production and processing systems is particularly important that this issue is the construction of each enterprise should pay attention and think about. Aggregate production line design proposal

With the rapid development of sand and gravel aggregate,Aggregate Crusher Plant, the expansion of production scale, designed to ensure product quality as the prerequisite to determine product solutions based on market conditions, the equipment, the construction site planning, and ensuring environmental sanitation and safe operation.

Process design solutions need to first determine the products according to the market situation, the success or failure of a sand and gravel processing system and good or bad, depending on whether a reasonable solution to good rock, workers: the relationship between process flow and equipment selection between the three. Lithology analysis of raw materials generally determined by experiment: Shattered work index, abrasion index, water content and clay content, process and equipment selection accordingly. Master plan, according to the process of functional three-dimensional arrangement, covering as little as possible; around the device for easy field maintenance operations with sufficient safety margin; equipment located above the lifting device, easy to carry out maintenance operations; site planning overhaul channel to facilitate vehicular traffic; belt profile of each floor personnel access walkway and set up the ladder.


High degree of automation, the system achieved through the use of program control automatic operation, except under special circumstances, without human intervention; system can automatically make fault diagnosis and appropriate treatment, and an alarm message for the operator to be resolved. Protect the environment and working environment,Aggregate Crusher Plant, the use of closed-circuit water system and sewage treatment systems, sewage achieve zero emissions, to ensure no contamination of the surrounding environment; plant all the points with a highly efficient dust removal facilities

To ensure gas emission concentration meet national standards; venue road and ground hardened.

Focus on safety design, all require entry into or near the operating point of the walkway and stairs were designed; all walkways and stairs are equipped with safety handrails and guardrails; near all devices are equipped with a manual emergency stop button, belt across the board has a manual emergency Parking rope; has a maintenance circuit protection near the motor; dangerous parts have a protective cover, and marked hazard warning signs. Easy maintenance, a specialized spare parts inventory and maintenance centers.


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