The reason of cone crusher cone lining

The reason given cone crusher cone lining and treatment measures falling

Cone crusher with its unique structure and performance benefits , are widely used in many industries . But in the course of their work , will taper off liner crashed into the crushing chamber is a relatively common fault , if not timely treatment will have a significant impact crusher for crushing operations . Therefore , this article will deal with this fault causes and measures for detailed analysis and presentation.

Analysis: In the structure of the cone crusher , the adapter ring with four symmetrical positioning pin fixed to the fixed cone , symmetrically arranged on the same adapter ring 5 wedge bolt assembly , the entire fixed cone lining support fixed . Between fixed cone and fixed cone lining cavities filled with epoxy filler , from the strengthening of the role of fixed- fixed cone lining . In the crusher , the adapter ring and the cone of the contact surface ( this contact at the fixed cone lining for maintaining stability ) will produce greatly shear force , the force of four locating pin adapter ring entirely by fixed bear , the positioning pins will also be no small role in torque . Under the combined effect of shear and torsion and other long-term changes , the four positioning pins will reach the fatigue limit , the occurrence of fracture. The role of losing locating pin adapter ring fixed in the passed began to thrust such relative motion , the wedge on the affected component movement, and fixed cone lining mating flange contact surface instability , a direct result of fall in fixed cone crushing cavity liner off .

Measures : Under the guarantee not to damage the cone adapter ring with the premise of physical and mechanical properties , may be appropriate additional four wedges mouth , add briquettes , strengthen the role between fixed and fixed cone adapter ring . The wedge mouth with locating pin hole as the original adapter ring through China Unicom and fixed cone . To facilitate processing , improved shear stress, resistance to torque the new positioning briquetting office, decided to increase the force area , you can wedge shape as 50mm x 60min x 80ram rectangular ( four edges rounding ) .

Add these four anchor points shared by the wedge greatly pass over the shear and torsion , the ability to withstand damage of the press block the new locating pin is stronger than the former , even in the case of the original fracture again positioning pins , the possibility of the occurrence of the four wedges minimal damage , still can effectively prevent the occurrence of relative motion adapter ring that prevents the cone liner off phenomenon happen again.


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