belt conveyor structure

Belt conveyors are widely used everywhere in life, such as food delivery food stations , food processing station transportation of raw materials , semi-finished , coal transportation , transfer gravel stones factory , as well as transmission and various plant materials , and even supermarkets, hotels have to spend a conveyor belt, the figure turns out to be reflected everywhere .

In the mining industry, the belt conveyor is widely used in sand making production line and processing equipment while in some building materials machinery and equipment are also common . Belt conveyors versatile, high efficiency , by the industries and friends of all ages, following SBM machine will tell you about the main components of the structure of the belt conveyor.

1.A driving means : the drive torque of the motor means is transmitted to the belt , means for continuously moving the belt . It consists of motor , drive pulley , coupling, reducer and other components. With the improvement of conveyor transport capacity , longer, motor power transportation distance is increasing , multi- motor drive is also gradually increasing. Multi- motor drive , can reduce the height and width of the transmission.

2.Brakes : Brake system mainly refers to the brakes, backstop tape machine is mainly used to prevent downtime with a load reversal occurs when the material spilled outside ( tape break or cause serious mechanical damage ) , generally when . when the inclination tape machine than 4' -6 ' must be set brakes.

3.The support device : support device main play is the carrier tape material and complete the Discovery sent to run a series of devices to discuss tape drive support device consists of a tip -shaped roller, under the flat -shaped roller, detuning care rough , the buffer roller and chassis components.

4.The tensioning device : the role of tensioning means tensioning device is : to ensure a sufficient tension of the tape , the tape and the drum to generate a frictional force necessary to restrict the sag in the tape between the brackets so that the conveyor belt is working. Tensioning device commonly used mechanical tension , screw tension and tension -type hammer .

5.Redirecting means : redirecting device consists bend pulley , a special bracket , roller components.

6.The cleaning device : conveyor belt cleaning device during operation , cleaning tape, stolen goods on the rollers and idlers are very important because stolen belt deviation will cause severe wear and moving parts . Usually behind the drum unloading , provided the belt cleaning scraper for cleaning dirty surfaces , another method is to unload the bottom of the rotary brush roller for cleaning the installation .

Drives, brakes, supporting parts, tensioning device, redirecting device, cleaning equipment , loading equipment , unloading equipment and tapes and other parts together to form a belt conveyor, as we produce , convenience , SBM machine life I hope SBM belt conveyor can carry everyone's dreams, sailing , power users friends soon realize the dream !


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