hammer mill crusher design

Casting and heat treatment of low -alloy steel hammer crusher hammer

To improve the hammer crusher hammer life , we must ensure that the work site hammer to crush high hardness materials , while also requested hammer handle has a high impact toughness in order to ensure the safe use of the hammer . Low-alloy steel hammer is able to meet the above requirements , good wear resistance . And this can not be separated hammer casting and heat treatment process.

Low-alloy steel hammer casting process including melting processes, modeling and casting process .

Smelting process: 500kg electric furnace melting, melting before adding limestone + broken glass load slagging agent , when the majority of the charge melted slag , then add ferrosilicon, ferromanganese deoxygenation . After receiving 1kg / t be the final amount of aluminum wire is inserted deoxy -baked pouring . Oven temperature not lower than 1600 degrees Celsius.

Combined with the shape of the hammerhead structure, using the bottom of the hammer head outside to put cold iron , put out the top of the riser , the handle to open the gate of the casting process, in order to obtain a dense crystal structure , and achieve the effect of grain refinement . Before pouring the ladle preheating to 400-600 degrees Celsius, the liquid steel is poured into a ladle of molten steel surface immediately throw polyethylene slag agent , making the residual slag quickly gathered , further purification of molten steel , while the formation of a layer of insulation covering film casting cast in favor molding. Pouring temperature of 1550-1600 degrees Celsius.

Heat treatment of low-alloy steel hammer : hammer work in order to make the site get higher hardness , while ensuring hammer handle has a high impact toughness , combined with lower carbon content of the hammer , the characteristics of small alloying elements , can be used hammer head job site water quenching medium ( hammer handle air quenching ) + overall air quenching + tempering stage composite heat treatment process.


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