the process of belt conveyor idlers

How to improve the process of belt conveyor idlers ?

Roller conveyor up to the amount of rotation of the member , and its quality characteristics , have a great influence on the life of the belt conveyor operating efficiency and reliability. Radial runout roller , rotational resistance , axial displacement and weld quality is a measure of the merits of four roller important indicator of quality . In the processing of the roller , there will often excessive axial displacement and welding quality is difficult to control , resulting in wear of the conveyor creep occurs , the rotation resistance increases , reducing the axial load capacity and other conditions. Hence the need to improve process idlers .

After many studies demonstrate that each part of the process error can be eliminated in the processing and assembly of welded steel pipes and shafts . Steel processing should be completed in one clamping process at both ends to ensure that both ends of the parallel idler shaft also completed a fixture at both ends of the positioning surface finishing.

CO2 welding using special roller gas welding machine , using special tooling to ensure weld strength and precision , avoiding welding slag porosity and other defects .

Welding quality welding process can be used to protect new . Assembly process is: press-fit bearing → ​​→ press-fit bearing welded bearing . Using the tube end positioning, and the other end by photoelectric proximity switch method will pinpoint bearing pressed into the ends of the tube , control the distance between the bottom of the bearing housing (accuracy ± 0.1mm). When using the method of welding the bottom bearing positioning , but also when the press-fit bearing housings bottom positioning. Such benchmarks to choose the same technology to control the axial displacement and ensure weld quality.

When welding , using self-developed head welder while welding process: when the next pipe materials processing using curved or V -shaped gripper , gripper and face should leave a certain distance , so as to avoid clamping deformation. Start the machine , automatically extending rear cylinder clamping rollers . Drag roller machine spindle rotation , two welding torch to weld the cylinder drag while firing at both ends of the roller welding , weld ends after welding , automatic spinning machines break , cylinder automatically torch returned rear cylinder machine returned loosen roller machine is powered down, the entire action program all automatically.

Improved technology can solve the above axis channeling and weld quality issues partial two fundamentally improve productivity more than doubled. And roller greatly improved axial displacement , axial displacement from the original 0.5mm reduced to 0.35mm, accuracy is improved by 30% , further strengthening the quality of welding , effectively ensure the roller manufacturing precision , so that idlers reduce rotational resistance , increase the service life , with great application value.


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