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Stone Crushing Machines UK

March 03, 2014 SBM

Stone Crushing Machines UK

Kinetic analysis of jaw crusher under load bodies

Our company has many customers in the UK, they are using our Stone Crushing Machines, Here are some of our company's principle Stone Crushing Machines introduced.

As we all know, no-load operation in the crusher, the movement of the rack member to its need to withstand cyclical dynamic pressure, which can be rack vibration force caused by the inertial force, to optimize the balance, to reduce or eliminate movement members on the rack dynamic pressure. Stone Crushing Machines UK.

So when the crusher is in power load conditions institutions and what is it? Shanghai World state machine expert on this condition crusher sports bodies dynamics analysis using MATLAB to design appropriate kinetic analysis program, obtained load conditions crusher hinge four institutions and their main zero parts of the situation by force, and the establishment of SolidWorks 3D modeling software via a three-dimensional model of the crusher sports bodies into ADAMS dynamics conducted a policy analysis, the following conclusions.

1.Crank force analysis: not only by the force of eccentric crank shaft eccentric part of the quality, but also by the rack movement of constraint forces deputy, deputy campaign hinge constraint forces.

2.Link (moving jaw) stress analysis: In a crushing cycle, crushing process takes place between the spindle 60 to 240 degrees corner position, size, and also the point of crushing force with the crank angle change, the role of peak crushing force point in crushing the lower chamber 2/5 of the cavity height. Stone Crushing Machines UK.

3.Stress Analysis brackets: Brackets also produced during exercise inertia force and moment of inertia, but because of relatively small, it is generally negligible. Brackets can be seen as a two-force member, by the motion constraint forces the hinge.

4.Load conditions, the eccentric shaft is mainly exposed to crushing force, the role of the bracket also withstand crushing forces.

5.Jaw Crusher load conditions, the situation by force of eccentric shaft bearing point determines the structure and condition of the machine crushing force in its force and torque are subject to changes, and the maximum value is the maximum crushing force by power point.

6.In the dynamic simulation, crushers sports institutions in accordance with a predetermined trajectory, each component without interference phenomenon. Frame vibration dynamics of the institution itself in the inertial force caused by the simulation, found great results with the theoretical analysis is consistent simulation of vibration force eccentric shaft bearings in place. Stone Crushing Machines UK.



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