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sand making boot

June 18, 2014 SBM

sand making boot

matters that need attention before the sand making boot

sand making boot before checking observe vortex chamber door is closed tightly to prevent the material from the observation of the door out of the vortex chamber, danger. Check the impeller and the startup sequence transportation equipment as follows:

1, nesting - → Sand - → feed

2, Sand must be unloaded start until after Sand operating normally before feeding.

3, stop opposite order of the boot.

Crusher feed size requirements strictly prohibited materials into the crusher more than specified, otherwise, it will cause an imbalance and Sand impeller impeller excessive wear, and even cause clogging impeller center channel and feeding tube, so that sand machine does not work, find great material should be immediately removed.

Sand adjust the machine at the factory, have little time and space for eight months of the normal load operation, however, after crushing site installation should still conduct a comprehensive inspection. Check the oil pipe is connected securely, should be installed prior to commissioning a heavier oil, add extra lubrication Mobil car or 3 # lithium grease. Check the oil pipe grid components are connected securely and carefully check for foreign objects on the impeller.

Check the motor belt between now inching motor rotation direction signs should be consistent with Sand, if the opposite direction with signs, motor wiring should be adjusted so that it is consistent with signs of rotation, rotation direction is prohibited. Dual motor drive, spindle motor assembly with both sides, the wind do not have the same number of belt connected to the spindle assembly should be adjusted accordingly straight. After checking correct before production, pre-production first be empty load test machine, test machine was no problem before the official confirmation of production.

Turn the machine empty load operation time was 4 hours, feed size load test run in strict accordance with the specifications of various models, greater than the specified prohibited materials into; uniform continuous feed, water content of not less than 10-15% (according to the different materials ), feeding straight PCL reach full capacity until the impact crusher; load test run time of 8-24 hours.

Sand host before stopping work, you should stop feeding, otherwise it will cause impeller crushed, burned out motor. Feeding should be uniform. Sand during operation, without excessive vibration and unusual noise, otherwise, you should stop to check. Dry lubrication oil lubrication, using Mobil car grease or 3 # lithium grease. Sand every 100 hours of adding some grease.



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