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Gold Crusher For Sale

January 14, 2014 SBM

Gold Crusher For Sale

Shanghai SBM machine gold processing Sudan FGM provide turnkey services

Recently, the Shanghai SBM machines and Sudan FGM gold processing company signed an agreement , SBM machines will be responsible for the company is located in north-central North Kurdufan Sudan gold processing production line test, design, construction and maintenance of the total package sets business. The company is responsible for the content , including gold experiments, process design , system installation and maintenance of program debugging , and beneficiation to optimize the quality and accelerate the return cycle .

Production line includes crushing grinding systems, cyanide leaching , carbon adsorption, desorption electrolysis, gold clay pretreatment, metallurgy and other technology systems. Additionally SBM machine will send North Kurdufan site operation and maintenance of professional experts , relying on a branch in Nigeria SBM machines to serve customers . The first order is scheduled for delivery in mid- July .

SBM machine working again with full mud cyanide CIP optimal process

According to local media reports , South Africa , Sudan, in 2012 gold production exceeded 50 tons , an increase of 48 percent , becoming the third largest gold producer in Africa . Historically, gold mining Although Sudan has accumulated a long time , but generally only reselection process , resulting in a waste of resources and low income . In addition, due to the large production of gold processing Sudan rigorous project approval , project approval and other objective reasons for the long investment cycle , local investors the ability to supply equipment for manufacturing enterprises , processing technology, equipment performance, and return on investment have higher requirements.

SBM machines and Sudan FGM cooperation from 2011 's already begun . FGM has chosen SBM machine a multi-cylinder hydraulic cone crusher HP220 production line , stable and high- performance products SBM machine so that production exceeded expectations. Shanghai SBM machine business in Nigeria, Africa Branch Manager Noah, in 2012 for the customer visit and invite customers to visit China .

2013 FGM responsible person to lead the visiting engineers, line 6 SBM machines , the two sides are expected to yield , process technology, investment risks were careful to negotiate. According to Noah description: " where customers are most concerned about is how to adjust the production line and process optimization solutions shorten the return on investment cycle in ore grade is not high , we have taken the best technology cyanidation carbon slurry for experiments after the oxidation characteristics of clay mineral , take appropriate process design, including reducing the exudation time, improve the leaching rate and adaptability of raw materials , making the beneficiation indicators have reached the maximum Ends in customer base and visit the production site , directly contributed to the final transaction . "

SBM machines provide gold production lines , the use of whole mud cyanide CIP process , the use of cone crusher jaw broken and post- ore crushing, milling system chosen by the gold particles , and then generate free gold cyanide leaching process , and then through after carbon adsorption technology , desorption and gold electrolysis mud pretreatment, and then through the final metallurgical processes , to achieve the full efficiency and low consumption , make full use of the effect of resources. The cooperation covers from mineral experiments , process support to comprehensive installation and commissioning , maintenance services, comprehensive solutions comminution dip election . SBM machine Center for the international market , said: "Support SBM machine technology and expert team , will improve North Kurdufan gold processing production capacity and accelerate the return on investment while , SBM machine will make full use of those in similar projects . accumulated global experience to ensure a high standard of service to FGM gold processing company . "

Normalization of the two companies is an extension SBM machine international journey of African station

The Soviet Union established diplomatic relations in 1959 , with the Soviet Union deepening economic and trade cooperation between the two countries , Sudan has become China's important trading partner in Africa . Investors from China and France, mining investments in Sudan , becoming one of the few made ​​of gold mining rights of large companies, between companies to invest in applications in mining, mineral processing equipment is also " word of mouth " by a professional team focused inspection.

" After two cooperation , SBM machinery products have been known and recognized by local customers ." When asked at the prospect of Sudan SBM machine market , Noah analysis to , " South Sudan after independence , its mastery of the three-quarters of the oil resources , North Sudan began to vigorously promote the mining of gold and other mineral resources, and now a team of 80% SBM machine customers to investors, managers, technical staff visiting trips, for them, an urgent need full experimental design , installation turnkey services, which are subject to an independent professional team , dedicated to complete this partnership , our group 's research and development center , technical support , legal and other departments seamless and timely service , professional customer questions answered detailed analysis , customer more recognition hard and soft power of our technology and this partnership is that we started in Sudan , will also be the norm . "



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