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artificial sand making process in india

June 20, 2014 SBM

artificial sand making process in india

Crusher role for artificial sand

Crushing machine in sand production line has an important role in the sodium sulfate solution method of weight loss rate of 5 cycles (also called stability loss rate) (10%) of the aggregate characterize ruggedness mean weight loss (10%) fewer, stronger aggregate ruggedness. It is the relationship between the compressive strength of concrete: With rugged greater weight loss and decreased linearly statistical relationship. The effect on the flexural strength of concrete, the relationship was also found statistical plummet. Generally rugged weight loss greater than 12, have caused decreased strength, constitute a low-quality aggregate.

Crushing mechanism sand mica content must not exceed 2%. More than 2% to allow content to be regarded as low-quality sand material. Natural Valley sedimentary sand deposits, due to the removal of the natural flow of elimination, mica content is generally less than 2% of the content. However, some floodplain sedimentary sand deposits, due to changes in water conditions, sometimes resulting in enrichment of mica particles.

Use of granite, metamorphic rocks of artificial sand manufacturing, mica content is often much higher than permitted levels. This should be regarded as low-quality artificial sand sand material.

Crushing mechanism sand mica content on concrete performance deterioration produce a variety of effects. Mica due to the large specific surface area, the serious deterioration of the workability of concrete - dry, poor fluidity, vibration compacting difficult. In order to obtain a certain degree of work, had to increase the amount of water and the amount of cement concrete. Sand mica content of more than 2% after every 1% increase in mica content, cement increased by about about 5%, while reducing the intensity of around 4%, freeze-thaw resistance and impermeability significantly lower.

Sand mica content is caused mainly due to the low quality sandpaper material should be eliminated through hydro, purification and processing procedures, making it possible to achieve within the allowed range.



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