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alluvial gold mining machines from south africa

March 09, 2014 SBM

alluvial gold mining machines from south africa

Analytical methods and mineral processing equipment sand gold in south africa

In recent years, sand gold ore processing technology and processing equipment beneficiation industry to become mainstream, then sand gold ore processing equipment beneficiation methods and what is it? The following gold mineral sand will make a brief introduction, we want to help.

1.Sand gold beneficiation methods:Gold content of gold in the sand is very low, typically through a variety of efficient, energy-saving equipment with gold beneficiation and be enriched in a variety of processing methods, the re-election law is energy saving, high efficiency, environmental protection and other advantages of a beneficiation methods, and the re-election law and extremely suitable for sorting sand gold, therefore, re-election method is the main method of sand beneficiation of gold.

2.Sand gold mining methods: Alluvial gold deposits in mining gold mining usually ship mining, hydraulic mining excavators and underground mining (shaft) mining methods such as mining.

3.Sand gold beneficiation process: As already mentioned, gold sand beneficiation methods to re-elect based method, sand gold re-election process, mainly divided into:① washing job. Washing operation aims to make gravel, sand and soil particle separation, fine mud washed gravel on the adhesion of the gold particles and mixed it. ② screening operations. General chunks of gravel does not contain gold, with gold in order to improve the efficiency of the equipment, the general need to wash the sand gold mine after sieving to remove large pieces of stone without the gold. ③ the re-election of job re-election of key operating sand gold processing operations, the process is to get rid of most of the waste rock, coarse gold concentrate obtained in the process, so the effect of this process directly affects the entire alluvial gold mineral beneficiation process indicators. ④ selected operations. Depending on the type of sand gold, the job can be re-election equipment selection, equipment, etc. amalgamation of various devices and methods, and aims to further enhance the gold content.

4.Sand gold processing equipment: It has been mentioned gold sand beneficiation technology and processes, in washing operations generally use the water will wash mine method is simple, practical, there is also operating in conjunction with the screening, the screening equipment added directly washed griddle points. Screening operations, the main equipment used in the vibration sieve, sieve drum in the alluvial plant, the device is most commonly used screening trommel. To re-elect part of the sand core operating gold processing time job that some common devices have chute, jig, etc., where medium-sized gold plant using jig as a major re-election equipment, small gold plant using the chute, etc. simple, inefficient re-election equipment. Featured devices use different types depending on the gold mine, gold can be re-elected for a single device selection, while demand for other precious metals including gold recovery methods can be combined in a variety of other processes to be recycled.



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